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Pet Plan
Pet Plan
Petplan specialises in pet insurance for domestic pets and was one of the first companies to enter the market back in 1976, and still leads the way. Over the past 30 years, millions of pet owners have chosen Petplan to look after their pets, and their pockets, helping them with the cost of veterinary care when things go wrong.
Please click here for more information and to get a quote
Animal Friends Cat and Dog Insurance
Animal Friends Cat and Dog Insurance
By taking out pet insurance with us, large amounts of our profits will be donated to animal charities around the world; you don’t have to donate directly, but know that the money will help a worthy cause, and you’ve insured your pet against accident and illness with some of the lowest monthly premiums in the UK for pets of any age.

Please click here for more information and to get a quote
John Lewis Pet Insurance
John Lewis Pet Insurance
Get an instant pet insurance quote online from John Lewis - one of the UK's most trusted brands. John Lewis Insurance. John Lewis Pet Insurance launched in September 2010 to complement the existing insurance products – Home, Car, Travel and Wedding. The bespoke John Lewis Insurance product is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc, whilst sales, servicing and claims handling is managed by BDML Connect Ltd.
Please click here for more information and to get a quote
HelpUCover Petinsurance
helpucover Pet Insurance
Your pet deserves the best but could you afford the vet’s bills if they’re sick or injured? With helpucover Pet Insurance you can choose a plan to suit your needs, with up to £6,000 vets fees cover a year. We’re proud to say that in 2014 we paid out 96% of all Pet Insurance claims. Get an instant quote and 10% online discount.
Please click here for more information and to get a quote
Animal Friends - Pet Insurance
John Lewis Pet Insurance
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